Monday, June 29, 2015


After two nights at Klein Strand, outside Bruges, we continued our southwesterly course. Vicki had found a free camper-stop at the jachthaven in Veurne, a beautiful little town a few miles down from Niuewpoort and the coast. We spent two more nights there, after a day of exploring the town and an administrative day.
Jachthaven Veurne; the area is covered in old canals, once
commercial, now largely leisure and recreation

Panning around the grote markt: the bell tower and the St.
Walburga church

Panning further

More beautiful old buildings and the tower of St. Nicholas church,
whose carillon provided mood music all Sunday afternoon

A sight not often seen, a horse-drawn tram

St. Walburga's, a 15th century brick Gothic

Interior, facing the altar

Beneath a great 16th century carved pulpit,
St. John gets the Word

Have to pay to get out...of Purgatory; note
cleverly placed fire extinguisher

What's interesting about St. Walburga is that, sometime after the
Reformation, they lopped off the nave of the church to make
this cistern...

Veurne's bell tower, one of several in Flanders
that comprise a World Heritage Site

Aviary behind the stadthuis

Former religious house for sale

Rilke slept here...

Well, in the building on the right, which also housed King
Albert's command staff for a time in WWI

The war did not get to Veurne, although very close; with the
centennial well underway there is a great deal of attention to
that conflict, especially here in Flanders fields

But now, beautiful sounds and sights all around


Beautiful little place we may well visit again

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