Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Disneyland, 2019, Part II

Among the attractions attracting and rides ridden (several more than once) were the Main Street Horse-drawn Streetcar, Pirates of the Caribbean (P's favorite), Haunted Mansion (not P's favorite), Splash Mountain, Enchanted Tiki Room, Jungle Cruise, Tarzan's Treehouse, Tom Sawyer Island, Fantasmic, Mark Twain Riverboat, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, It's a Small World, Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin, Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters, Monsters, Inc., Frozen, Luigi's Rollicking Roadsters, Radiator Springs Racers, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Soarin', Toy Story Midway Mania, Little Mermaid, World of Color; and more.
Nice meal at the Carthay Circle; and other places

At the World of Color extravaganza one evening: the group in front of us had
purchased the ear head-sets that change color in response to surroundings...
cracked me up...all adults

Cinderella's Castle under renovation

No Mal de Debarquement Syndrome here

Readying for blast-off

Columbia, great sailing ship


Wait a second! Isn't someone supposed to be steering this thing?

Later that evening, manned by pirates (of the Caribbean), in Fantasmic

Mickey in historic role

Dragon fire on the water in Fantasmic; which was actually good, I thought;
World of Color, not so much

Happy ending: all the characters riding by, waving, dancing

Jack the Pirate

More night-time extravaganza, projection onto fountain spray

And, of course, three nights of fireworks

Disneyland, 2019, Part I

In mid-March Vicki, Penelope, and I visited Disneyland again. Three days. One of their favorite places. I was happy to serve in my usual role as chauffeur, porter, photographer, and sometime place-holder in lines. And to see all the happy people, especially the loved ones. In moments of quiet, I confess, I am strangely drawn to Disney; but there never have been any quiet moments (to paraphrase a favorite line); the din is constant, never-ending. Anyhow, the weather was near perfect, the lines were not too long, Vicki was able to use the fast-pass and related opportunities expertly, and 7-year-old Penelope never tired at all, insisting we stay until closing Saturday night to do the Jungle Cruise (my favorite) just one more time (our fifth). All in all it was a great visit.
At the entrance

Anticipation; interestingly, we spent most of the three days at the California

After Elasti-Person, she sort of lost interest in the
characters; probably didn't want to lose ride time

Pulling a fast pass via the max pass

Old favorite

From the bridge of the riverboat Mark Twain

Occasionally the souvenirs were amusing; my favorite was
"The mountains are calling: Thunder Mountain, Space
Mountain, Splash Mountain"

Vicki and P did the live on-stage Frozen

Happy ending

Aboard the ferris wheel


Matterhorn with the San Gabriels in the background

Helpful model of part of California Adventure

On Splash Mountain, the final dive, Vicki trying to protect her contacts

At the World of Color, one evening...projecting onto spray from the fountains

Poppy Peeping

A week after Rebecca and family returned from New Zealand, we took grand-daughter Penelope on a road trip to Southern California, in part to visit Vicki's brother Bob and his wife Beth near San Diego, but also to visit Disneyland. Along the way, we took in the "super bloom" going on in the mountains east of LA. California, and particularly southern California, had an unusually wet winter, bringing on a super abundance of spring wild flowers, mostly orange poppies. For an afternoon, we joined the throng viewing them--two weeks ago before the throng got really big--and took in a marvelous natural view at Walker Canyon.

Throng: the access road was a miles-long parking lot; the exit lane from I-15 was
backed up more than a mile, and barely moving; but we got in and got to see
it close up


Middle California, Winter, 2019

You'd think there would be more to show for four months somewhere, but, then, we weren't in travel mode, and I was thus not in photo mode, nor blog mode, and so, as we now prepare to return to all three, and Europe, I don't have much to show for the months we spent in Middle California, mostly house-sitting for Rebecca and family. Nonetheless...
In early January we took P camping down to Monterrey,
did some walks there, playgrounds, shopping; here she is
before the RL Stevenson house; Vicki claims that Robert
Louis is a distant relative, and thus P's distant relative; P's
mom taught for a time at Robert Louis Stevenson School
in Pebble Beach ("Bob Louie" in Californese); thus a
meaningful connection

Previously shown: it rained much of these four months and
was unusually cold, even for the Bay area

Departure photo of Jeremy, Rebecca, and Penelope,
heading for Fiji and New Zealand, in January

Among our achievements, principally Vicki's, was the
collection of life-time t-shirts for this quilt, which now
adorns the bed in Le Sport

Another of Vicki's achievements was completion of Rebecca's childhood (through
age 12) photo album; Rachel's will be completed next fall

My major achievement (not pictured) was in editing and copying and backing up
our 87 gazillion photos, videos, diaries, and other matters of historic documentation;
I also set two long streaks of Duolingo, in my heroic effort to learn enough French
not to make restaurant wait-staff laugh (hysterically, as in Lyon); this earned me
a case of de Querzain's synotenovitis (aka "gamer's thumb"), and the wearing of
a brace like that pictured above; life is so cruel; you'd think an effort to learn a
language, at my advanced age, would be rewarded, not punished

Another achievement, sort of, was having Le Sport de-oxidized; I removed most
of the decal work beforehand...

Up close, personal; we also had some plumbing work done, and the furnace...

On a visit to brother-in-law Bob's in Oceanside: tools that did not spark joy...

Toward the end we did go with Rebecca and Penelope to the Exploratorium in
San Francisco, interesting science education place with interesting connection
to the Oppenheimers...