Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Alkmaar Cheese Museum

The mini-pancake master; 18 different toppings available, then
covered with a layer of confectionary sugar; desperately need
a cup of strong black coffee after this

We are in the cheese museum now, having passed through the
cheese shoppe and sampled young, mature, and old gouda;
the great secret of the cheese museum is that it is on the lst
(American 2nd) floor and you can simply gaze out the windows
and watch the market action (!) that others have stood five-or-
six deep to see; there appears to be a break in the action, perhaps
a TV time-out

Free samples for those who bought reserved seats

The museum is full of interesting and educational exhibits on
both traditional and contemporary methods of making cheese;
here one can see the cow eating grass, converting it via three
stomachs and mammary glands into milk, which then becomes
cheese (next exhibit)

Output: milk; other outputs not addressed

Part of the interest of the place was its decor and humor; thus

And thus

The mouse motif got a little old


But there was plenty of useful information all around, such
as the above, and that Netherlanders consume more than 20
kilos of cheese a year (European average: 17; 1 kilo=2.2 lbs)

And interesting old-time exhibits

Meanwhile, the action, as it were, continued below

Vicki decided it was time to go when I started
getting too friendly with the cute cheese babe

Parting shot


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Tawana said...

Those pancakes are Ebleskivers, I think. I have an Ebleskivers pan with the little round intentions that you put pancake batter in, then a filling of jam or fruit or Nutella, then another spoonful of batter on top. You flip it over with some things that look like bent chopsticks, then sprinkle powdered sugar on them and serve hot. Great fun for a party because I can make and fill them while people watch. Next time you are in Arkansas...