Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ghent, St. Bavo's, 2015

Someday I'll get a proper afternoon shot of St.
Bavo's west facade; someday, they'll have the
scaffolding down 

Nice windows for a younger Gothic

The starboard bow chapel with the Life-Sized Exact Replica
(really very good) is now reserved for guided tour groups;
fine, that keeps them away from the real thing

Spare parts chapel

Another nice window

So here's this guy playing a beautiful harp,
beautifully, in a beautiful, large,  chapel, a
bishop's busker, I guess, selling his CDs for
20E, with a portion going to the church, I

For the indigent, or those who don't really care (why are they
here?), there is a tiny, somewhat worn, working replica in a
chapel over on the port, amidships

Rubers' Entry of St. Bavo into Ghent, which we
totally missed last time

Muy importante..if you're planning on visiting
Ghent to see the Lamb, beware the schedule
above: they're restoring it, in stages, through
the next several years; if you're a casual art
lover, such as I am, this shouldn't matter, since
no one would allow a copy that was not perfect;

Old painting around the church

Interior of the tower renovation

Something else we missed in 2013 (we had a ferry to catch):
Georges Verbanck's massive monument to the van Eyck
brothers in the park just a few meters from St. Bavo's; "Adoration
of the van Eyck's," it might be called; I, for one, remain
skeptical about the existence of Hubert van Eyck...

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