Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Kroller Muller Museum 2

There were two large rooms of Van Goghs, nearly all from the last 4 years of his life (he only painted for 10), with paintings he admired sprinkled here and there as well as the usual explanatory comments to his brother and confidant Theo. The overall title of the exhibit was "Van Gogh & Co." Oh, and since I am usually the first to complain, the lighting, both natural and artificial, in this museum was exemplary. Everything was under glass, but you had to examine it closely and carefully to tell....
Potato-eaters, 1885

Pink peach trees, 1888

Cypresses with two figures, 1889-90

Patch of grass, 1887

Vicki, studying, 2015

Bridge at Arles, 1888

Landscape with wheat sheaves and rising moon, 1889

Wheat field with reaper and sun, 1889

Wheat stack under a cloudy sky, 1889

Still life with straw hat, 1881

Still life with meadow flowers and roses, 1886-

Four sunflowers gone to seed, 1887

Carpenter's shed and laundry, 1882

Le Moulin de la Galette, 1886

Terrace of a cafe at night, 1888; new personal
favorite and pretty much the emblem of the

Still life with a plate of onions, 1889

Portrait of Joseph Roulin, 1889 (the local

Sorrowing old man (At Eternity's Gate), 1889

Self-portrait, 1887


Rebecca said...

So interesting that they chose to use the same style of frame for all of the paintings! I've never seen a museum do that before.

Mark said...

The rest of the museum had the usual hodge-podge of frames, all sizes, shapes, styles, generally no discernible relation to the painting. The treatment for Vincent's paintings is unique, yes. My guess is that, since (seriously) Ms. Kroller-Muller regarded Van Gogh as the greatest of painters, she did not want anything distracting from his work. Just a guess.

Tawana said...

Van Gogh is one of my favorite artists. Love all his things that you have here. I read an interesting article about him just today. I'll forward it to Vicki.