Friday, June 26, 2015

Rotterdam Market Hall

Our perambulations brought us back to the big square and the markthal, the market hall, where we figured we could put together the big meal of the day. The markthal struck me as perhaps the best example of Rotterdam's insistence on not simply re-creating the old world.
Full frontal view

Interior, vaulting

Up closer

Spice babe; although there is incredible variety, what you don't
get here is competition...e.g., only one spice shop...

Vicki eyes the waffles

Tomahawk chop...I mean, steak

At the sausage shop...kangaroo...

At the jamon shop
Couldn't take my eyes off the ceiling and the caterpillar-thing

In the seafood section, samphire! The UK of GB is not far away

Blend your own oil...we chose the 10w30

Mushroom store

Cotton candy store

At length we decided on the Greek lunch
extravaganza for Greek ever, and
only 20E

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