Friday, June 12, 2015

Haarlem Scenes

We have been to Haarlem half a dozen times since we got here--well, the Ikea on the outskirts--but finally made it Wednesday to the old city. Our day there consisted of walking the old city and the big square, the Teyler Museum, the Grote Kerk, and the usual street snacks.
The Grote Kerk in the big city square

Old City Hall

Market, now museum

Butchers/tanners guild/market

Everywhere, something old, something beautiful

Local hero, invented movable type, did not
print the Bible

The local hero, for us, is Franz Hals, but we'll save his museum
for another day

Entrance to the Teyler Museum (next post)

Old and new canal houses

Shoppes built right into the Grote Kerk

Snack stop

On the way back to the central station

Street/shoppe scene

Particularly nice one

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Tawana said...

Love your photos of Haarlem.