Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keeping Saturn in Saturnalia*

With the various changes in our family and travel plans--birth of a grand-daughter in April, a wedding in August, California grand-parenting in the fall and spring of 2011-2012 (and two more trips to Europe)--we decided it was time to invest in some inexpensive state-side transportation. So, when sister Carole mentioned she and Jim were thinking of a new car, I asked them to hang on to their low-mileage 1999 Saturn and to sell it to us when we returned to the States in December. We consummated the deal just before Christmas (thus keeping Saturn in Saturnalia) and are now again a two-car family, one per continent. Anyhow, thanks, Carole and Jim.
Our new wheels, after modest preventative repairs at the
estimable Joe's Auto Service of St. Cloud; already en route 
across the country

*look it up