Sunday, June 28, 2015

Antwerp Parade Of Homes, 1905

One of the things we missed when last in Antwerp was a (then) suburban area near Berchem station that is noted for its Art Nouveau and other residences. Cogels-Osy and Waterloo are the two main streets, although there are others, and we spent several hours walking and gawking and taking pix. 240 pix. Reducing these to one post has been extremely painful.
Cogels-Osy Straat

Not everything was Art Nouveau


So I'll post just the ones we liked best

Sometimes without caption

Our over-all favorite, the one with the over-sized
port-hole (I'm sure there's name for this)


And thus

And thus

Moving right along to Waterloo Straat

So far as we could tell, real people live here

Another favorite

And another

Four of these, the Four Seasons, at four corners

Another favorite, the Waterloo House

Thus, Wellington and Bonaparte

Yet another street: next time


Not Art Nouveau, but interesting nonetheless

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