Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Catedral Hiking

Having sat mostly for the previous two days, and with some big hikes looming, we felt the need to do a little mountain walking, so we took bus #55 from Bariloche to Catedral, the local ski resort. Jan. 25.

Cruce De Los Andes, 2

Next morning we boldly set forth from Puerto Varas for the return trip, same route, many different experiences...Jan. 24.
Another depiction of the crossing

The German/Chilean high school in Puerto Varas; Puerto
Varas was settled by Germans in the later 19th century as
part of a Chilean government colonization project; much of
the architecture, including the church in the previous post,
but not the above, is celebrated and preserved for its German

Summit of Puntiagudo (from a photo)

The outlet from Lago Llanquihue runs fiercely for many
miles along the first bus route

It is rafted, we noted, lots of class IIIs and up

But this day, everything on the western side of the mountains
was socked in

The family that pioneered the Cruce de los Andes route early
in the 20th century--and which still has the monopoly on it--
owns this island and has a nice casa on it; the patriarch is
buried there too

No volcanoes today

So Vicki studies up for the next adventure

While I stroll the deck outside

Nosing in to examine a waterfall

The Andes at this latitude have big and fierce horseflies

Norwegian Blue

Hotel Natura at Peulla

Attempted artsy shot of fuchias and Monte Tronedor


Humongous ferns

Old forest, mostly southern (hemisphere) beech, some very

The one horsefly I was able to bring down; probably in
violation of national park rules

Moving right along...another lake, another bus ride

Welcome to Argentina

Our next bus awaits
And another boat

And back on Lago Nahue Huapi

Another quite memorable excursion

Cruce De Los Andes, 1

The crossing of the Andes from Bariloche in Argentina to Puerto Varas in Chile affords quite a look at the lake districts in both countries. It takes two days and involves four buses and three boats each way. We spent the night at a Swedish/Chilean (!) hostel in Puerto Varas, Compas del Sur. Jan. 23.
We were pretty excited to be doing the turbuss/turboat thing

The route, three boats, four buses

Still on Lago Nahuel Huapi

"Yo soy el capitan!"

Perito Moreno, the founder of the national park system, is
burid on an isalnd in Nahuel Huapi

Lakes, mountains, forests, waterfalls...

Debarking boat #1 at Puerto Blest

Taking the next bus to the next lake and boat

In the great old forest

Next boat

African Queen

Argentine immigration; here a cloud temporarily fell, as the
chief officer found fault with Vicki''s passport; but it all worked
out; thanks to our Chilean guide, Christian, and his colleagues

Progress report

Welcome to Chile

El Tronedor again, from its Chilean side

Glacier and waterfalls

At the restaurant at Peulla; water cascades over the glass ceiling
to cool the place

The bar at Hotel Natura

Rhubarbs..."poor peoples' umbrellas"

Time for another boat

Incredible color from the glacial sediments

Orsuna, the big volcano in the area

Closer up

Its neighbor, Puntiagudo ("the pointy one")

Infrastructure in Puerto Varas

A German community, founded in the 1890s

Vicki's dinner

OK, so imagine a 5 inch bun, the bottom of which is slathered
in guacamole, then thin sliced sirloin strips, then 3 strips of
bacon, then sliced tomatoes, then a fried egg; I can't believe I
ate the whole thing (well, not the bun)