Friday, September 30, 2016

Paris Scenes, 2

More assorted pix from our 3-4 days in Paris...
Near the Picasso museum

An Irish pub...but closed

More wall art, in which Paris excels

Somewhere on the Left Bank, an intact Guimard Metro entry

Palace of Justice

The Plage going strong

At the Lego Store

Actually, the Lego Store was the only thing of interest in the Forum des Halles,
the rest just the usual shopping center crap

Remains of the very old Hotel de Bourgogne;
14th century
Montmarte, en route to

We walked the length of this street, now undergoing French gentrification

The usual interesting architecture, however

Ghost signs and graffiti

Encampment at Bois de Boulogne

Paris Scenes, 1

Vicki and I had wanted to spend a few days in Paris, primarily to see the Fondation Louis Vuitton and the Picasso Museum, neither of which was yet open during our long visit in 2014. The Louis Vuitton thing did not work out, but other things did, on which I'll do subsequent posts. In any case, we stayed the next 3 nights and days, and spent most of the time just walking around this city we have come to love. Below and in the next post are a few pix from those days.
Near the Champs Elysees

Always breath-taking at first sight

We saw the exterior well enough in July, 2014, but wanted to
see it all; now, however, two years later, it is all garbed in these
tablecloth-like disasters; like seeing seeing the Winged Victory
spray-painted; we'll wait til it returns to its former glory

Beach volleyball at the Hotel de Ville

Somehow we always end up spending a couple hours at the
culinary floor of BHV...

Another bike barista

View from Left Bank

Planted in 1602

Beautiful Guimard-like grill

Capital in the very old church of St. Germaine de Pres

Theatrical performance aboard the Metro

Still processing this one...

The American Dream...must go there sometime

Opera Garnier

Interesting Art Nuvo buildings I may have posted before

Thought for the day

End Of Visit

After six nights at the Domaine des Ormes, the plan was to drive to Paris, collect Rebecca, and then get both Rebecca and Penelope on the plane the next morning, August 11th. In Penelope's view, however, no visit to France is complete without seeing the Eiffel Tower. Accordingly, we moved our schedules around a bit to arrive in Paris in the afternoon before the flight, camping at old friend Bois de Bulogne, now Camping Indigo, and taking the Metro to Rebecca's hotel in the Opera district. From there we all walked across the river to the Champ de Mars to fulfill P's very happy little girl. Next morning, very early, we drove to CDG and Rebecca and Penelope both embarked without difficulty for the long flight to SFO, ending a wonderful three week visit.

Penelope presents...

Le Tour Eiffel

Wish fulfilled!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Combourg And The Menhir Champ Dolent

After a few days we took Rebecca to Rennes to catch the train to Paris for a few days' visit and shopping. On the way back, the grandparents and grand-daughter stopped by the village of Combourg and it chateau and then the Menhir Champ Dolent.
Combourg and the chateau

The big name in Combourg is Chateaubriand, father of
Romanticism in France, writer, poet, historian, diplomat;
yes, Chateaubriand steak (and sauce) is named for him;

Street scene

The chateau

Across the lake

If you're going to see just one megalith in Brittany, make it a
big one; Champ Dolent is 9 meters tall; Brittany's largest

Like farmers and ranchers in central Montana, Breton farmers also practice
sculpture in hay; "what the hay?" it's called in Montana

Domaine Des Ormes

After Josselin, Jeremy returned the rental car to Rennes, then took the train to Paris, and then the plane back to San Francisco. Plane, train, and automobile. After a day of packing and washing, the four of us, Rebecca, Penelope, Vicki, and I, drove in Le Duc to the Domaine des Ormes, in the direction of Mt. St. Michel. En route we spent several pleasant hours at Dinan. The Domaine des Ormes is a 5 star family camping resort Rebecca found, with abundant outdoor activities, plus a weekday kids' club where P could practice her French.
It's a huge complex, old chateau, golf course, massive indoor and outdoor
aquatic facilities (wave pool, many slides, etc.), equestrian activities, zip
lines and ropes courses everywhere, athletics fields, plus housing to suit
most any taste; people in RVs comprised 5-10%; the place was full during
the six nights we were there;

Playing en Francaise

Tree houses

On a field trip, meeting with a forest hermit

More tree houses, all rentals


Further on the field trip, swordplay between knights

And then instruction for the kiddies

Practice with a friend

Our encampment overlooking the soccer fields