Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Schokland Museum 2

Continuing our visit to a remarkable little museum...
Vicki touching actual mastodon parts

At least 7 foot tall Ice Age bear--Ursus Really

Cast of neolithic human remains

Paleo tools

Neolithic settlement depiction

Neo foot print casts

Neo pottery

Largely intact Neo canoe

More recent archaeological finds

Wooden shovel


Mini sleigh

The usual mannequin diorama; we think it's an important part
of the museum experience to participate in these displays...

Propeller from an RAF Lancaster bomber that came down in
the vicinity

Not the only plane that came down in these parts...here, a
B-17E, whose crew hopefully walked away and were rescued
by Dutch Resistance

Interior of the beautifully reconstructed little church

And finally, today's wedding photo shoot

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