Saturday, June 13, 2015

Haarlem Grote Kerk 1

It's not Chartres, but we did very much like Haarlem's Grote Kerk, probably the largest Dutch church we have seen so far.
View from the northwest

Tapestry paintings on the columns

And then you look up and see the sort-of fan
vaulting in the timbered ceiling

View abaft


View afore; not a painted ceiling, but still very
pleasant to look at

More tapestry painting


Another beautiful organ...which played
throughout our visit (there was a concert that

Vicki liked the painted columns...

South aisle

Orphans' charity box

Brewers' chapel (seriously)

Gifts of ship-builders' guild

Helpful depiction of the church; interesting challenge for the

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Tawana said...

Great! We visited here in 2008. Rode the train from Amsterdam. There was a market set up in the area outside the church. An interesting day trip.