Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Belgian Sex Candy And Other Out-Takes

House with a hat, Ghent

The Lamb of God bistro in Ghent--rack of lamb
...their specialty

Automatic coin-op cafeteria in Veurne...when I 
walked by an hour later it was empty

Vodka automatic and hand grenade...Russian vodka I presume;
in Veurne

Everybody bronzes baby shoes...but pacifiers?!

Shoe line in Ghent; when is this going to become an Olympic

The Birds and the Bees, Volume II: Bees

I love Monkey Puzzle trees; here's a female, bearing fruit, sort
of; Bruges

McDonald's in Bruges; seriously; their gratuite
et illimite wifi in Belgium is known as Wi-Fries

Probably because they can't compete with vlaamse frites
no one can; a Friteur in Bruges

In a window over-looking the Beginhof in Bruges

Vermeer would have been so proud

More than 29 flavors for the hot chocolate machine

In addition to the Bruges Madonna, the St. Mary Church in
Bruges offered the most deeply religious fun I've had since
returning to Europe; above, everybody does a Last Supper...

But Pieter Pourbus shows you the serving staff
as well as the diners

Queen of Heaven "satisfied customer" files


Plus the best Annunciation sculpture yet...

Note this is a cut-away Mary, showing the
Child already rotated, at full-term...wasn't
the Annunciation suppose to occur a little
earlier than this? What was she thinking? "Oh,
well that certainly explains all this weight I've

Starting them off young, at a beer garden in Bruges

You expect this sort of thing in Amsterdam or Florence, where
American college students congregate, but not in stately Bruges,
where their parents are...

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