Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Singapore: Sands Skypark

After Gardens by the Bay, we walked on to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and ascended the 56 floors to the Skypark. The Skypark is the ship-like bit of the quadrilithon, several hundreds of feet long. The infinity pool is open only to hotel guests. The plan was to hang around, enjoying the views, to down a Sling, awaiting sunset, and then also to enjoy the views by night. It's quite an experience. If you're concerned about heights, you might want to pass on this one.

View from below

Imagine paying $400 a night and having to stand in line to check in....

And we're there


Back toward a bit of the city, Singapore Flyer and the huge stadium in view

Gardens by the Bay, two domes, Super Trees, etc.

Ships parked out on the sea; Singapore's one of the world's largest ports;
trans-shipping is very big, as is refining oil

Sun setting behind financial district

The Merlion, one of Singapore's symbols; from 56 floors up

Other side of the bay (which is actually a reservoir), the Durians, Singapore's
municipal theater and concert hall (closer up they have the same pointy surface
as a durian)

As darkness falls, the eggie-type things, off in a pond by themselves, come to
life, changing colors; we'll see more of them later)

Pretty soon, everything is lit up

And then the Super Tree show comes on

The changing color thing is a bit of the Asian aesthetic I've yet to understand

Marina Bay Shoppes below, financial district in the background; it's New Year's
Eve, and the fireworks don't occur until midnight, too late for us

At first I thought this was the power-parking area outside the hotel; no, it's just
the rent-a-thrill shop; not surprisingly, I saw more exotics in Singapore than
anywhere else I've been; except Silicon Valley, of course

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