Thursday, February 6, 2020

Singapore: Assorted Food

So I have featured food in several previous posts. Singapore is a great food city, a world crossroads of food. Below are some more pix of the variety, some from the department stores, some elsewhere.
At Ngee Ann City, Japanese dominates 

Vicki would have gone for this had it been a grade above Iberico

At a better restaurant: essence of Singapore: "an additional
charge of $5.00 per 100gm for food wastage"

Dim Sum high tea

Healthy choices

Sugar-free too

No, "Urushi" is not Japanese for "Hershey"

Initially we thought this was really beautifully-carved soap: no, long-nose breath,
this is bird's nest, one of the finest of Chinese delicacies; look it up

We always thought British crisps were over the top in terms of flavors...

Your flavor, Rebecca

The patisseries would have been right at home in Paris

With a few exceptions

Double-barreled hotdogs


Tastes like jam
Real delicacies: the musk melon is 150U$D

Despair not: there's a Marks and Spensers right down the street; with scones,
and even castor sugar too, in case you're thinking of baking

At Texas Chicken (no relation to KFC; no relation to anything,
certainly not in Texas (we lived there 13 years))

Kept me going for days; love those candied minnows

The only food truck in Singapore we saw; veggie burgers

Me enjoying a fine sushi dinner; I thought the Japanese department store might
be a safe place...

Best 7U$D sushi ever

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Rebecca said...

Yes I definitely would have tried those truffle honey mustard potato chips. Candied minnows... maybe not!