Thursday, February 13, 2020

Chiang Mai Thai Cookery School, 2: Food Porn

So we pass here from Day 1 to Day 3, my 3rd, 4th, and 5th days. 18 more dishes. I'm hoping for a few more pix from Garnet, especially one of Vicki and me together, and will add them in due course.
Flavorings for Tom Yum Goong, personal favorite; Kaffir lime leaf..."two for
the price of one" as Pon said

My Tom ever!

Fish cakes

Mine, slightly less decorated

Pon with student assisting in the demo; coconut milk and coconut cream

Green curry with chicken; the little slivers around the edge
are impossibly-thin sliced Kaffir lime leaves

Thai fried noodles and green curry with chicken

More mis en place, this time for making a curry paste (note
pestle); note also the Thai cooking knife, part knife, part
cleaver; gotta have one of these

Panaeng curry with pork

Sweet and sour vegetables and spicy glass noodle salad

Part of the school's garden

Chiang Mai curry with chicken

Sweet and sour vegetables and panaeng curry with pork

Red curry with fish

How to identify your banana leaf steamer from others' (mine had two notches)

Fried mushrooms with baby corn

More to come!

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