Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sam Yaek Market

On a couple occasions, the cooking classes began with a visit to the Sam Yaek market, out in the Chiang Mai burbs where the cookery school is (it's actually in a gated community), in order to introduce both some of the ingredients but also the experience of shopping in a Thai market. I've seen a few markets now, and this was one of the most ample and enjoyable yet.

One of the Cookery School's interns begins our lesson in basic Thai flavorings

"Three kinds of Thai basil...sweet, lemon, and Holy" [expletive deleted, I added]

Galangal root

Long bean

Chef Garnet arrives to tell us about Thai noodles

And Thai rices (short grain for sticky; prefer Jasmine for long grain: more moist)

And coconut

Coconut cream- and milk-making machine (not the old-
fashioned way)

Ingredients for various dishes bundled for your convenience

Thai sushi

Celebratory goodies

Shrine offering goodies

Yes, Thai cigarets wrapped in banana, with matches, etc.;
"what? the Buddha doesn't smoke filtered?" I asked

Thai Easter eggs, Chef Pon told us one day; he cracked one open, and, sure
enough, the interior appeared to be chocolate, with a dark chocolate core...
they're pickled eggs, of course


Largest strawberries I've seen outside of Norway 

Dragon fruit

Coconut pancakes, for which I have developed quite a taste

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Rebecca said...

Penelope would love those dragonfruits! She's often asking us to get one from the store... but they are $6 each here! :)