Thursday, February 13, 2020

Chiang Mai Sunday Night Walking Market

The length of Rachadamnoen Road becomes an expansive night market on Sunday evenings, Rachadamnoen and its many side streets. It is one of the better such markets we've seen: plenty of food and foodstuffs, but mostly touristy stuff, souvenirs and handcrafts and such, not crap, and carefully sorted to fit into visitors' suitcases. We stimulated the local economy a bit, but mostly strolled, impressed with the variety and quality. We walked for an hour or so, hardly the length of the thing, and then returned to our hostel.
There are many shopping areas in greater Chiang Mai, not least this Bangkok-sized
giant out in the suburbs

But the real thing, for visitors, is Rachadamnoen Road, on Sunday nights

Huh? Well, any English will do

Looking onward from the start

Durian here too

Ken and Susan: something for your van to look forward to...

The market extends down side-streets, and even into this wat

Bullets for Buddha, a BB gun shooting gallery actually on the wat premises

Four directions at a major intersection

It's big and exciting, and popular

Facemasked hootenanny

OK, so we didn't want a big meal, just a little snack...

Yum! Crunch! Yum!

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Rebecca said...

Penelope wants to know if you ate any of the fried insects?!? :)