Friday, February 7, 2020

Legendha Sukhothai Dinner And Show

So pleased were we, and so limited the other prospects in Old Sukhothai, that we elected to stay at the Legendha for dinner, and the show...
Bridge to the restaurant

My TomYum Goong, best ever, so far, until I cooked my own in Chiang Mai

Her pork chop

Little did we know we'd be slicing these pretties ourselves in just a few days...

Lost in translation: the Tom Yum was great, but I also ordered something else,
more substantial, which never appeared; an hour later (they were busy with
turbusses, which take priority over everything), they brought me this, minced
pork and basil and blue dye #4 rice, and some broth; Vicki was cool-headed and
face-saving, and the evening was preserved

And the show began...the kid on the boatish marimba was great

And they brought us fruit as a consolation prize for the meal not delivered (and
not charged for)

And the show went on

Women with baskets and men with poles

The symbolism was not lost on some of us

The real drama was in the grass, where a poor chameleon was nearly trampled
but then made his/her way to safety in a bush beneath our table

Tending our baskets


The production values were diminished only slightly by the washing crew, stage right

The turbussers all had left by this point but the rest of us cheered and applauded

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