Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Happy New Year!

Only a little fatigued from Gardens by the Bay and the Skypark, we decided we wanted to see a bit of Chinatown on New Year's Eve. The build-up to the New Year celebration had us very much impressed...
Everywhere, fully-fruited calamandon trees, one of the
symbols of fruitfulness and prosperity; we had a huge
calamandon tree in the backyard of our 39th St. house, in
Miami, when I was a child; citrus, but sour beyond belief;
my father loved them, and fed them to our dog, Blackie,
who devoured them, loyally

The Legos Year of the Rat set; sold out

New Year's gourmet food hall, Takashimaya's

Ever culturally-sensitive McDonald's

Prosperity Oreos too

Festive German New Year's kaese

Rats in the boulangerie!

So now we are in Chinatown

We were not alone

The Rat rules

First Singapore police we've seen, in nearly a week; everything's done by camera,
we heard

A New Year trinket store, by 11PM, completely broken down, gone

So after walking around a bit among the masses, I was hungry; but maybe not
this stand

We finally settled for this place, loud and boisterous, the only long-noses there

The choices

Most people were having the fish in red curry, but I knew
that wouldn't do

So I opted for the spicy beef and green beans in cumin sauce; she took a bite and
said thanks for sharing; I can't believe I ate the whole thing: Happy New Year!

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