Thursday, February 6, 2020

Singapore: Out-Takes

Taking Theravada Buddhist begging to a whole new level

You have been warned

Penalties are severe

10,000S$ fine for missing

No smoking anywhere except in these yellow-painted
smokers' boxes; no chewing gum either: big fines; but it's
so refreshing to walk down a street, no gum on the sidewalk,
no smoke, no beggars (they're cared for), no buskers....

OK, not everything is up to date in Kansas City

On the MRT, the metro

Hand-washing stations in restaurants; pretty common in

Contemporary vs. traditional

More on the MRT: I wish we saw more of the education and
library systems, which, I would guess, are exemplary

Not even catch and release?

Robo-police at the Jewel

Crucificado, at the Botanical Garden

Green Man

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