Sunday, February 2, 2020

Singapore: Gardens By The Bay, The Cloud Forest

January 24th was our big day in Singapore: Gardens by the Bay, the Skypark, and New Year's Eve in Chinatown. This will require several posts.
Even in the Garden complex, it's nearly always in view, and always the object of

Sculpture, large and small, and in every medium, everywhere

Passing through a clump of SuperTrees

It's a huge place; would take days to see it all; our interests were the Cloud Forest
and the Flower Dome, two of the largest of the world's garden glass houses

Did not see the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden, the
floating egg thingies (next day), etc...

Helpful depiction showing our main interests: the Flower Dome, the Cloud
Forest, and the Super Trees

In the Cloud Forest, which is organized around this artificial
mountain, complete with tall waterfall

Helpful map

In addition to the plants, impressive sculpture everywhere

Basically, you take an elevator to the top, then walk and gawk
your way down on these ramps

Orchid district

Likes orchids

In the large carnivorous plants district, tubular carnivore
sculptures made out of Legos (pitcher plants?)

Ramp scene

Occasional glimpses of the city

Mineral displays, too (Rebecca)

Jungle scene

Amazing bench/fish sculpture; amazing place

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Rebecca said...

Great amethyst geode! :) Singapore is moving up my list as I read each of your posts...