Sunday, February 2, 2020

Singapore: Gardens By The Bay, Flower Dome

After the Cloud Forest we proceeded on to the Flower Dome. The Dome indeed contains some flowers. Mostly it is trees and shrubs, and mostly, oddly, those of the Mediterranean and California (conspicuously labeled). Whatever. It was enjoyable, but not as impressive as the Cloud Forest. Both had a kind of edutainment feel to them, not what you'd get in, say, a botanical garden. I guess that's what the world has come to. At best.

Australian bottle trees

The upward view


Norfolk Island Pines and possibly a Monkey Puzzle

Main Street New Year display

More impressive sculpture

In the Mediterranean, huge, ancient olive trees


Now in the California district

Tourist sculpture

Fuchsia arch

Date palms
More huge ancient olive trees...from Turkey, Greece, Spain?

Now on Main Street, as it were

How the years came to be named after animals (click to

There was a major dahlia display

As well as much New Year pageantry

And, a few flowers

Outside, en route to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, an impressive line of Travelers'

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Mike & Deb said...

Both places were beautiful. I'm with you with the cloud forest with an edge.