Saturday, February 8, 2020

On To Chiang Mai

Next morning we were off to the next stop on our journey, Chiang Mai, biggest city (c. 200,000) in northern Thailand.
Another day, another tuk-tuk ride, this from Old Sukhothai
to New Sukhothai

Does not love tuk-tuk rides, especially on open highway

At the bus terminal, to resume our trip to Chiang Mai

Bus terminal shrine; it's red Fanta, we learned, because red is a lucky color;
apparently He needs good luck

Helpful information at the bus station

Tipperary not even there, much less the US of A

Our bus; not as luxurious as the previous one, but fine

At the rest/lunch stop

The facilities not quite so luxurious

After arriving in Chiang Mai, another tuk-tuk ride, to the hostel

An auspicious sighting: on a Chiang Mai side street, a Volkswagen 1500, just
like our first car, bought in 1968!

Haven't seen one of these in nearly 50 years! Not even in Europe (they were
never exported to the's a long story); I saw it again in various places
in Chiang Mai old city during our week there; apparently gets around just fine

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