Thursday, February 6, 2020

Singapore: More Sound And Fury (And Light And Color) On The Bay

Our last full day continued, into the Gardens by the Bay for the Super Tree show and then back to the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes for the fireworks...
En route to the Gardens, we passed through the egg basin; these turned out to be
huge inflatables, all wired for the impending light show...

On our way to the Super Trees; all this is free and open to the public (except the
Domes); all extravagantly landscaped, as is most of the rest of Singapore

Under the main clump, we had a light dinner, then found a place to watch the

Beautiful natural colors at first

And then the little lights really start twinkling; all this to music over loudspeakers;
it was waltz night, effortlessly segueing from Strauss to Tschaikovsky...

After the Super Trees, we walked back through now color-coded eggs

Everything is color-coded, if not color-coordinated

Back through the immense Shoppes to a place on the deck,
from which to watch the fireworks

Thus ending our last night in Singapore with a bang (we
didn't stay for the light and water show this time)

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