Monday, June 3, 2019

Ne Baise Pas Avec La Souris

Never miss a Disney, Vicki says. Rebecca, Jeremy, and Penelope had done Disney Paris and the associated Walt Disney Studios in the weeks before our arrival. But we had to do it again. And, of course, it wasn't our first visit to Disney Paris:, and I promise my coverage this time will be more restrained. All this on May 27th.
It so happens I am reading Neal Gabler's Walt Disney biography; the Disney/French
connection is substantial...the Disneys traced their origins to Isgny in Normandy
(D'Isgny); and Walt drove a Red Cross ambulance near Paris toward the end of WWI)

Action shot of Vicki and P on a ride; Rebecca in the tail-gunner position

La Familia Sabbatica had dinner here during their visit

Live action in the Walt Disney Studios: Spiderman zaps the Saracen pigs...

Interior of the big studio hall


Looking toward Disney Paris and its hotel

Mary Poppins: P has, as of last March, figured out that standing in line for a photo
and autograph with some non-entity re-enactor  takes time away from the rides



Small World

Ritual Tea Cups

Magic moment

About to tour the interior of the castle

Which tells the story of Cinderella in stained glass,
tapisserie, and book pages...OK, EXCUSE ME!...Sleeping
Beauty! There is a reason I continue to confuse these (and
other) characters, namely, that in terms of mythic
archetypes, they are all the same figure; Disney and crew
even in the early 1930s knew very well of Jung and such
things and how to exploit them...

Kathe Wohlfarht-like shoppe; belongs on Main Street if you ask me

Giant animatronic dragon in basement of castle

Now moving on to Tomorrowland (they call it something else)


Highlight for me: touring Captain Nemo's submarine Nautilus (another French
Captain Nemo's (musical) organ
Helpful diagram; sadly, there is no Jungle Cruise here...I probably wouldn't get
the puns anyway

Concluding explosion of Disneyana

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The teacups were always Cara's favorites.