Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Louvre Out-Takes, 2019

So we have been to the Louvre before...

and our visit on June 1st, at nine hours, was not even our longest. And the above do not include many visits prior to retirement. We like the place. A lot. If you want to see pictures of our favorite items, pour yourself a tall one and have a go at the above. Sorry for the inevitable repetitions. I did not want to repeat any more here.
Looking down on a stray sculpture courtyard; at this point I was thinking that
Sully, Denon, and Richelieu would be a cool name for a Parisian law firm

95% of visitors to the Louvre go to just three sites: Mr. Smoky's Special Lady
Friend, Sam O'Thrace, and the gift shoppe; 4% are guards or custodians; the above
is an attempted pano of a room that had (Vicki counted them) 17 Rembrandts;
we had it all to ourselves for a full five minutes or more until one older guy showed
up to briefly sketch the lone non-Rembrandt in the room; Sic Transit, Gloria

Right foot of Jesus, from another Last Supper, I thought I'd throw in since Mr.
Smoky's version had it cut out

Detail of a Temptations of St. Anthony by Pieter Huys, who clearly had been
studying Bosch

Maybe the French don't really abhor a vacuum; filling this space is probably
stuck in a committee somewhere

Helpful model of the Louvre/Abu Dhabi, the only Louvre we have not yet visited

I am still not reconciled to this

La Defense from the Louvre; note Arc de Triomphe and its relation to La Defense

Humiliation time: I know nothing about frames and consequently slight or ignore
them; the Louvre has some 3,000 surplus frames and has undertaken several
long-term studies of its massive frame collection (the first while the treasures were
hidden away from the Germans in WWII); maybe I'll live long enough to do better;
anyhow, this is part of a multi-room display and explanation of frames, many with
the painting in context; I promise to do better

Very historic; it wasn't always a museum

Best angle

Spare parts

Your art work here

The place was sold out for the day, but, by later afternoon, this was absolutely
the smallest crowd I have ever seen looking at Mr. Smoky's Special Lady Friend

Now that, thanks to the Pinoteca Ambrosiana, I know who Luini was, I am well
able to appreciate the Louvre's several excellent Luinis

There were more surprises and personal discoveries, always one of the pleasures
of visiting a great museum, and especially the greatest

Not an empty space

Vicki wanted this picture because she wrote a paper in the
8th grade, which she still has, on the Venus de Milo, the
subject of Heningway's famous novel, A Farewell to Arms

View you'll only see here

Us, there, again


Tawana said...

Love all the photos...especially Jesus' toes! I have always told Jason and Cara that they have funny Wes, their toes are all stair steps, while mine look like Jesus' toes with the second toe longer! All the toes on Greek and Roman statues look like mine, too. It is a running joke in our house.

Mark said...

Same here. You should share your view with Vicki, a stair-step advocate.