Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Provins Medieval Fair, 2

Continuing our coverage of the fantabulous 2019 Provins Medieval fair, best fair ever...
No costume? No problem!

So Middle Earth was Medieval? Of course, Vicki says

Chewbacca? What are you doing here?!

Caped crusader

Beautiful little princess

View of the castle and the church: from the leper colony

Thus; seriously

Boost your immune system with anti-leprosy wine; souvenir glasses available

Parish church, collegiale, which we'll visit shortly

The Tour Cesar, 12th century, watch-tower, but could pass for a castle for many
of us

Hildegarde's wines--there's Hildegarde herself

Nap-time for tiny Medievalist

Fruit juices from the monks, in  case you've have too much Hildegarde; the
abundant humor everywhere was wonderful

The guy playing the bells outside the church was a show-stopper

Until he crashed

In the US we have Washington slept here; in France, Jean d'Arc prayed here

Inside the church; I don't think it's Viking Lines... (click to enlarge)

The church is 13th century, but the dome is 17th, after the
usual fire

While others are looking at the exhibits in the church--mostly booksellers--I am
 examining the capitals...

And sure enough...

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