Thursday, June 6, 2019

Pompidou, 2019

We had Penelope for the afternoon Sunday, June 2, and thought she'd enjoy the Pompidou. Having suffered through two days of the Louvre with her parents, she was not so sure. But the Pomp has some fun things, including a children's play area, and she was further induced by a children's guide book Vicki had bought for her a few years back, and which she produced for the occasion. We had been to the Pompidou on several occasions in the past (,, and although I sometimes disparage the building, I generally find the collection and special exhibits interesting, even stimulating. This day I was trying to view things through a younger lens.
Since the day was to be a scorcher, we headed to the roof first thing for the views:
the first, a sad one, the roof-less Notre Dame Cathedral, greatly damaged, as
everyone knows, but saved, and now to be repaired and restored

Paris has so many landmarks, they get in the way of each other...Les Halles, the
church of St. Eustache, La Defense in the distance, and much more in between

Louvre, Eiffel Tower, the Petit and Grand Palais...


The Pompidou has a large collection of Roualt's paintings,
(this one Le Clown Blesse, 1932), which Vicki likes
because of his Portrait of a Boy, which, she says, reminded
her of me, when we both were young

Said painting, off the web, was in storage in 2009, again
in 2014, and, I assume, again in 2019; maybe next time

Picasso's Pink Period coincided with a world-wide glut of pink pigment

One of his lesser known masterpieces, La Pisseuse (1965),
done when he was well into his Dirty Old Man Period

I have never quite gotten in to Miro; but after enough Miro, Braque, Modigliani,
Picasso, et al., we were later inspired to watch Midnight in Paris again; a

Dado's Le Grande Ferme, which did appeal

P with her Pompidou book, finding most of the paintings and
other items

Chopin's Waterloo, by Arman; when I asked P whether she knew what a "Waterloo"
was, she said it was a toilet with running water...a really well-traveled American child

A stone's throw from the Pompidou is the gorgeous Syndicat
de L'Epicerie Francaise building: "Tous pour Un" and "Un pour
Tous"; such a contrast!

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Tawana said...

The Waterloo comment by Miss P was very accurate!
Loved "Midnight in Paris"

BTW...Happy Anniversary! 51 and counting!