Sunday, June 9, 2019

Parc Villette

Paris goes by many names, another of which might be "City of Parks." We visited the giant park at La Villette in 2014, and remarked at the time that it would be a great place to take an older Penelope. In addition to the variety of cultural and educational institutions there, the Parc also has several museums, including the Cite des Sciences et Industrie, the largest such in Europe. And within it is a Cite des Enfants, one of the special attractions for P. We spent most of the day there, the 5th, the last half of which was at a couple of the numerous playgrounds.

Thank you, President Mitterrand, France's longest-serving
elected chief of state, first Lefty of the 5th Republic; vive le

Back side of the Cite

The Geode, still the world's largest Imax, I guess
Parc Villette has a number of water features, not least of which is the Canal St. Martin

Paris was one of the popular departure points for the Camino,
and The Way evidently passes right through the Parc

P at the end of the longest and highest slide I've seen

Thus; she says she's been on a much larger one, in New
Zealand; figures

Zip-lining girl

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