Wednesday, June 12, 2019

A Day On Montmartre: The Rest

On the walk down from the churches, through Montmartre, to Place Pigalle...
Us at the Love Wall

Rebecca and Penelope

View from the Basilica du Sacre Bleu

Old panoramic map, still in place; not much good touring for a while after 1939...

Street scene

Stimulating the local economy

Historic artsy sights and street scenes...

At a Mucha shoppe; don't think he ever did Montmartre

Utrillo sight

Among the many historical markers, this one showing some of the great acts at
the Moulin Rouge...Colette, Edith Piaf, and, personal favorite, Le Petomane

Blowing out a candle (look it up)
Among the last of the windmills; no longer grinding
up gypsum for plaster-of-Paris
Studio we noticed in 2014 but never found open...this day we rang the bell and
the artiste appeared...
And Rebecca got herself a wonderful Arcimboldo-like
painting just right for her interests

Picasso's first studio in Paris, 1900

At another art history site, Penelope operating the show...

Matisse and Gertrude Stein

So esteemed and admired here that even unflattering
portraits are defaced...

More street scenes

Beautiful buildings

Our journey ends

Something to think about on the long Metro ride

Any ride that involves a Guimard is a good one, however

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