Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Loss And Hope

It was not our favorite church, probably not even in the top dozen, but its centrality in this great city and in the life of the nation are undeniable, and we feel the loss as acutely as any foreigner could. Nearly all of the old cathedrals have had fires or other damage, but nearly all have been restored to even greater glory...St. Paul's Without The Walls in Rome being the best example. So we are heartened that the damage here was no greater than it was and that the determination to restore the cathedral is as great as it is. There is loss, but there is hope, and I guess that's a pretty Christian message.
The towers still dominate the central skyline, as in the past eight centuries

Clearly it will be a long process, recovering what can be recovered, assessing
the damage to the stones and the structure, rebuilding in a manner that is
faithful to the heritage but also safe and sound


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