Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Le Bistrot Du Peintre, 2019

Vicki and I are not much into the cafe scene: she doesn't drink (or smoke) and I don't smoke (anymore), and neither of us can just sit around and talk for very long. I think most of the people you see having animated conversations in Paris' innumerable cafes don't spend their time together 24/7 like we do. Besides, at least when it comes to politics and religion, we don't much disagree. Nonetheless, we have our favorite cafe in Paris, to which we have now been two or three times: Le Bistrot du Peintre. It's at the corner of Rue de Charonne and Avenue Ledru-Rollin, in the 11th. The corner features four different cafes facing one another (not unusual for Paris), but all appear to have their faithful clientele. The Peintre seems to be doing better these days than in 2014, but then it appears most everything in the 11th is doing better. Before visiting it in 2014, we must have walked by it dozens of times, eventually noticing the apparently original art nouveau windows, walls, woodwork, stained glass, lamps, paintings, furnishings, etc. Toward the end of our stay, we stopped in, and I did a blog post on it. This time, we were out wandering in the neighborhood, Vicki said maybe we should do the cafe thing, and I said how about Le Bistrot du Peintre, which was nearby. She had a raspberry lemonade, and I had a "perfect" Negroni—which was less than perfect but only half the price of the perfect one at Camparino's in Milan—and I got several more pix, including the upstairs dining area, which I'd not seen in 2014.
Street scene in the neighborhood

Upstairs dining

Stairs back down

Topless bar

Lots of road construction on Rue de Charonne the month we were there, but that's
Le Bistrot du Peintre

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