Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Eating Well With Auntie Rachel

So bright and early on June 13th, Penelope's Auntie Rachel arrived for a couple days' visit en route to her chateau at Tornon-d'Agenais, in the south. (It's a long story). After shopping at the two closest markets, d'Aligre and Bastille, we let her rest in the afternoon and then headed out for a long-awaited family dinner at nearby Bistrot Paul Bert. Not surprisingly, we have been eating well throughout the past few weeks, whether out and about or dining in on French cuisine. Well, sometimes Marks and Spenser cuisine. Eating well, nonetheless.
Bistrot Paul Bert, unassuming from the outside, pretty famous inside
So preoccupied were we with other things we forgot to document the appetizer,
a terrine for some and the white asparagus for others; here's the steak a poivre,
one of the notable dishes, which certainly did not disappoint

And the frites, best we've had on this campaign, so far

Penelope can barely wait to dig into the souffle Grand Marnier, the Iles Flotantes,
and the lemony tart-type thing (I think)

Us, there, the whole unextended family

A family favorite, from our previous Paris stay, is the Creperie Bretonne, Fleurie,
on Rue de Charonne; another his and her operation; that's him, the chef, outside

P samples the cider

Which was actually quite popular among the ladies

Rachel bombing Rebecca's documentation pix; just like when
they were kids...

Omelette complet;  Rebecca contends that buckwheat crepes are nearly carb-free

Rachel's dessert crepe; possibly not carb-free

Among new-found favorites is the Cyril Lignac patisserie; his chocolateria
and restaurant are on the facing corners

And a new jambon store, Ham's, which jambon-expert Vicki pronounced excellent

Hands-down favorite is still Amorino' gelato ever (in

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