Tuesday, October 17, 2017

To Luderitz And Back Again

I wanted to see the sea again, and Vicki had a suspicion that the art nouveau architecture we missed in Swakopmund might actually be in Luderitz. If nothing else, the drive, a 200k round trip, afforded us an opportunity to stay in air conditioned comfort and also see a real desert storm.
There are herds of wild horses in the area...interestingly adapted
to the conditions

Also the usual

Stay in you car! All this land is owned by De Beers, and they
don't want you out hunting for diamonds on their property!

Ghastly scenery

One of the more stark picnic sites in Namibia; fenced in, too

Wind really blowing, visibility decreasing

Approaching Luderitz, here's a town that has been abandoned
due to the engulfing winds and dunes

In Luderitz now

The architecture is sort of German

Next harbor south

Luderitz harbor

Mostly fishing, containers

After an hour, we were ready to return to scenic Aus

Same sign, different direction

Abandoned town again

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Tawana said...

Interesting architecture in a town with dirt roads.