Friday, October 20, 2017

Cape Of Good Hope

Our penultimate African tour day was another "day at leisure." Some took it easy at Ou Skip, some traveled elsewhere, and some, like us, took advantage of the opportunity to see more of the Cape area, with a drive down the peninsula to see the historic Cape of Good Hope.
Not wanting to drive through the big city at rush hour, we got
up early and drove from our northwestern beach area to the east
and then south through Capetown's vast northern and eastern
suburbs; the above sign on the freeways...Capetown is
experiencing a water shortage of historic proportions...the
reservoirs are down to 27% and the rainy season is over...

Table Mountain, covered in cloud

A lot of things are not working here

Near a naval base on the east side of the peninsula

Man bites dog: sub chases destroyer

Oldie architecture in one of the peninsula coastal towns

More signs for our collection


Now on the west side of the peninsula

My eyes and ears are ever attuned to the skies...and here I
capture a DC-3, certainly older than I am, approaching Capetown

Also flying is the funicular that takes you up to the high point
overlooking the Cape; really Thai'd things together for me...I
hummed the opening bars of the overture to Der Fliegende
Hollander all the way

Looking back down, another of our group, Dave and Marian, are
there; James and Margaret would appear a bit later

Looking east to Cape L'Agulhas, the actual southernmost bit
of Africa

Looking back north, and west

Us at the Cape of Good Hope

Hairpins on the route back down

Important document: in South Africa, traffic lights are called
"robots"; seriously; they replaced human traffic directors; anyhow,
this is one of the few road references we saw to said robots

North and east of Capetown are vast shanty towns which we
passed; not to belabor the point, but, in our opinion, things are
not well here; the inequality is much more vast than in the US


Tawana said...

Interesting signs to add to your collection. Baboons? Really?

Rebecca said...

Great signs!