Friday, October 27, 2017

L'Isle Sur La Sorgue, 1

We've seen our share of French markets, but L'Isle Sur La Sorgue was by far the best ever, so far. Actually, it is two markets, an antique/brocantes market, which made the town famous some years back, together with its hundreds of antique shoppes, and its weekly market, which adjoins the brocantes market. All this occur on street after street, quai after quai, in the beautiful little town that has been arranged around the Sorgue and the several channels cut from it. The market, which the local authorities clearly vet to allow no crap, very nearly obscures the beauty of the town itself. Alas, I have taken so many pix of French markets I got a late start on this one, and then the gawking precluded the picture-taking. So the pix will not do it justice. You'll have to see it for yourself!
The market is on Sunday, but we arrived on Saturday and did
a little reconnaissance; above, the church

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Church interior

Pigeon along for the ride


There is an ample aire by the train station; but get there early and
plan on leaving late: the parking lot fills with vendors

The last of my Bouzique oysters

Next day: garlic district

One of the canals of the Sorgue channeled through the town;
market on both sides

Water wheels all over; we found out why when we got to
Fountaine Vaucluse

Door hardware district

Key fob district

Early version of Skinner Box?

Main drag through town; the market goes on for a kilometer,
and then into many streets and alleys in the old town

The market nearly obscures the beauty of the town itself

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I hope you found some treasures there.