Saturday, October 21, 2017

Dubai, 1

It's a long way to Barcelona...from Capetown...and the most expeditious way Vicki could find was Emirates to Dubai and then to Barcelona. This afforded us what will be a sixth continent for the year (once we get to New Zealand), and a new country, and an opportunity to look however briefly at some of the world's most astounding architecture. It was only a seven hour lay-over, but with 4 bags checked en route to Barcelona, we made the most of it, with a little advice from the TI and buying a day-pass for the metro, the tram, and the monorail.
In the huge and impressive Dubai airport

Scores of buildings and other things to look at; I won't attempt
to name or describe them

Chrysler Building look-alikes...Deco echo

Open concept

Mind the gap

Vicki insisted I stay in the men's car

One of scores--hundreds--of mosques

Single family dwelling area

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Tawana said...

Just goes to show what all the money in the world will buy.