Monday, October 23, 2017

On The Road Again, To Cadaques

The train got us to Figueres in good order, Le Duc was waiting for us, and after some repairs and refurbishings, and a long and long-anticipated visit at the Carrefour, we were on the road the next day, October 5th. But only as far as the Albero campground near Capmany, where we spent a couple days and nights. It takes a bit of time to move back in, clean, reinstall items like the solar panel Trimetric, plan, and make sure everything is working, etc. For once, no problems! Interestingly, there are a couple of minor megalithic complexes (dolmen, menhirs) in the vicinity. Unfortunately, all seemed far off the road and in difficult terrain, so we decided to leave them for next time. Why were our neolithic ancestors so inconsiderate?! Anyhow, it was time to begin moving on, toward Rome. Our first stop was the nearby coastal village of Cadaques. We had been near it in previous years, visiting Dali's Port Lligat home in the next cove.
Hiking up the hill

Ah, the Mediterranean!

Today's wedding: a peek into a church that is normally closed

Favorite son

Catalan flags everywhere

At the market

Plane trees...for the next several hundred miles

Reminders of Africa not far away

Above Cadaques

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Tawana said...

Nice to find everything in working order.