Sunday, October 29, 2017

Aix-En-Provence, 2

Continuing our fun day in Aix...
Pigeon City;
Anyhow, it was lunch time and Vicki found us
a nice little restaurant of the beaten track...

My veggie tart and salade

We both had the steak and patatas, etc; not pictured, her dessert
an apply thing so good it disappeared before I could fire up the

Back on the street, more XVIIeme  hotels

Pretty square

Outside the Hotel de Ville; XVII Siecle

One of the better ghost signs, I thought, Creme Eclipse

At the nougat shoppe; Halloween approaches; very big in France

At the madeleine shoppe, where Vicki bought
a bunch; "all them memories come floodin'


Provence cloth shoppe

Another of the interesting fountains

Hotel renovation

Hotel fixer-upper

Cezanne painted Mt. St. Victoire some fifty times (sometimes
two coats) but generally without the smokestack and the power

What might very well be the actual summit

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Tawana said...

Halloween is a big thing in Japan, too. What have we done to the rest of the world?