Monday, October 23, 2017

Return To Barcelona, Again, 2017

So we were last in Barcelona, very briefly, in June, after storing Le Duc at the Caravan Center in Figueres and en route back to the States. This time, October 3-4, we were again passing through, en route to from Capetown/Dubai to Figueres, to pick up Le Duc and begin a seven week re-positioning drive to Rome. We arrived in the evening of the 3rd, spent the night at a mediocre little hostelen on Disputacion, but then the balance of the next day walking various sights in the great city before catching the train to Figueres. Even a few hours in Barcelona warrant  bit of a tour.
The tapasization of the city continues apace;
pretty soon visitors will be able to buy them
from vending machines

Gaudi is still there

But also spreading

Line to get into Casa Battlo

We opted for second breakfast  at the cafe at
Casa Amatlla

The election had just occurred and there were signs everywhere;
almost emerging disappointment and bitterness...

After rambling on La Rambla and stopping in at the mercado,
we thought we'd go for another jamon lesson at the Jamon

All sold out for the cruise ships...the Cruisifixion of
Barcelona continues...

A second Amorino's has opened in Barcelona, perhaps two
blocks from the other one; after a sub-optimal experience in
California, we had to give it a try; what a difference a continent

Roman necroplis we'd missed before

The city pretty well covered, not only with Catalan flags, as
always, but with political banners...the dust and debris are still
in the air as I write

Fortunately, some things don't change too much or too quickly

Entrance to our hostelen 

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Tawana said...

Barcelona is always a good stop. Sad that the political and terrorist situation there is so awful right now.