Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ai-Ais Resort And Camping

At the end of Fish River Canyon is Ai-Ais Resort, a wonderful hot water spa and fitting end to our long Namibian odyssey. The hot waters have never felt so soothing. September 24th.
Near the end of the canyon

There's the original spring, 65 degrees C, an outdoor pool at
about 27 degrees C (tepid; for Germans), and the two indoor
luxury pools, both at 37 degrees C, just about body temperature,
just about right

Two of these in the nice hotel building; I should have taken
more pix, especially of the woman in the gold thong bathing suit

Our encampment, right on the river; separated from us by gabions

How others travel Africa

The original hot water spring at Ai-Ais: no entry: 65 degrees C

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Tawana said...

The hot springs must have really been nice after all the washboard rides. That tent/camper/RV setup was certainly different.