Monday, October 23, 2017

Driving The Coast To Narbonne

Normally we speed through Perpignan and environs whether coming from or going to France or Spain. One year we did spend a fair amount of time in Cathar country, but we had not spent any time on the coast in the region. Next time, we'll not miss it, especially towns like Banyuls sur Mer, Collioure, Argeles Plage, and so on. After Port Vendres, we continued along the coast, in no special hurry (yes, I know), appreciating the scenery, being knocked out by the number of campers and campgrounds, noting how the mountains/coves/harbors gives way to beaches and lagoons as the Pyrenees finally peter out. We had not been to Narbonne before, and, with a good aire there, we set our course for that old and beautiful city.
France is archaeological heaven, and not a
little of it is celebrated in wine: here, a wine
for the 450,000 year old human remains found
in Rousillon 

The connection with Catalonia: when Franco finally took
Barcelona in 1939, 100,000--100,000--refugees streamed east
into France; many stayed, but were first housed in a vast
detention camp on this beach...


Back-lit Mediterranean France

Miles upon miles of nearly deserted beaches

On a lagoon south of Perpignan, the city has reconstructed a
19th city fisherman's [sic] village

No country interprets nor celebrates its past like France...

Lunch break by the sea

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Tawana said...

I didn't know that 100,000 Catalans escaped to France. Sounds logical, though.