Saturday, October 21, 2017

A Bit Of The Garden Route

We carried on from L'Agulhas...ever eastward...
A milk tart for breakfast in L'Agulhas

Fisherman's huts being converted to apartments

After only a hundred or so kilometers we discerned that
"Garden Route" was really more about wheat and barley and
livestock than tropical and sub-tropical forests

And grain elevators

Swellendam was nice, colonially

Dutch Reformed

More old building in Swellendam

Every now and then the road swerved back onto the coast,
which was mostly nice, but sometimes not

See? Robot!

This was about as far east as we got; we wanted to try
Hermanus again, and so drove back to Swellendam
and a nice B&B there Sunday night


Back at Hermanus, we took a coastal walk

Saw these

And more interesting sights

And then proceeded back toward Capetown airport, stopping
at Betty's Bay for...

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