Monday, October 16, 2017

On The Road To Betta

Off we were again, on more miserable washboard sand and gravel roads, past stark but occasionally interesting scenery, to Betta. Things would be betta in Betta, it was said.
Mountains and dunes

Almost glacial-like, no?

A resort in the dunes; seriously

There is no disputing matters of taste; some say

Dunes burying the inselbergs

Desert fox

Seriously lost zebras

Didn't see any giraffes

Croppies still all over this part of the continent; the termite
mounds have mostly petered-out, however

Bird nest

Yeah, sure, every millenium or so...

The road goes ever on and Betta

1 comment:

Tawana said...

So, what do the zebras eat? Where do clients come from for the spa? Hmmm.