Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Le Vieux Mougins: Best Pretty Little French Village Ever, So Far

It took us two tries to get to Mougins. The first was in our camper, but Mougins does not welcome camping-cars, nor buses, for parking, and so we retreated back to Cannes and more pedestrian undertakings there. Next day we took buses up to Mougins, one to Cannes and then one to Mougins, and that worked out. Well, there's an up-hill kilometer after the bus stop to the old village, but it wasn't bad, and quite scenic. If you go, which we recommend, take the bus, a car, or a taxi, or, preferably, a limousine or helicopter. It is a beautiful place, carefully vetted. Mostly we went to see the Musee d'Art Classique de Mougins, next post, but the old bastide village is a visit well worthy unto itself. A place never to be trampled by turbusses.
After the hike, the view to the Maritime Alps is great


Grasse, where they make perfume

Other destinations

Prominent cliff, to the right of which, far off, is Nice

Calamandin tree

Among the shoppes, museums

Alley scene


Me, boating

In a shoppe/cafe where we had second breakfast

All set for Halloween and proud of their work

In addition to the museum, there is an annual
celebration of chefs

One of the restaurants, adorned by shells of Coquilles St. Jacques

Another radial city! The Michelin Blimp was again available,
so we availed ourselves of this aerial view

Taste everywhere

And the price that goes with it...high season
rooms for a couple grand...

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Tawana said...

Those radial (circular) towns are so interesting. Have you been to Eguisheim in Alsace? The outside two rows of houses are circular, but the interior is sort of haphazard. Loved your Michelin blimp view!