Friday, October 27, 2017


Just a few kilometers on from the Fountaine was the bastide town of Gordes, another beautiful village, or, wait, no, a classe village (I think it's probably a matter of how many turbusses a village can handle...), which we visited on October 16th.

Tons of flat rock around, lending itself to the building of fences

And also of these corballed structures, similar to the Oratory
of Gallarus, in Ireland, but a thousand years younger; there is
an entire village of them, reconstructed; called bories;
residents of Gordes seem to have converted them to out-
buildings, garages...

Anyhow, after parking at the aire, we walked up the 2k to
the town and were rewarded with great views

Another borie

Gordes citadel

Nosing around

Awaiting the turbuss

Very talented miniaturist...

At the aire...we spent the night

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Tawana said...

We loved this town when we were there a few years ago...think we took lots of the same photos!