Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cannes Scenes, 2

Continuing our wanderings in Cannes...
Big boulidrome in the big city park; these people were impressive

Movie of the year type stuff

At the TI

It's so sad when there are so few starry pix you
recognize...Robert Wagner and Natalie Wood

Sean Connery?

Interestingly, to me, I watched Modern Times
on the Emirates flight to Barcelona

Paw prints of the stars

Palace of the stars

Next time we'll do better

Vicki posted this on Facebook with appropriate comment

One of those huge "Africa-mobiles" one sees all over Europe,
and the States. but not in Africa

Cannes is camper-friendly but only within prescribed limits

Second day in; I took shots of many star paw prints but thought
Jean Paul Belmondo's the right one for the blog

Watching a chess match; seriously

Some beautiful old buidlings

At the mega-exclusive shoppes: boots made
for walking

Just a touch of art nouveau here and there

Take me back to Vienna so I can see The Third Man

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Tawana said...

Vicki really needs those sparkly boots! :-)