Sunday, October 29, 2017

Aix-En-Provence, 1

Just for the record, Aix is not an RV-friendly town, parking-wise, and we ended up in the inner outskirts at a Geant (a hiper-super-mercado), directed to a nice covered space by the chef-du-stationment, who rode around on a scooteur. Six hours later, Le Duc was still there, unmolested, so, no harm, no foul, as the saying goes. In any case, a short bus ride took us into the old town, and we were in business. Aix is an old city, with much history, but the chief things to remember are: hotels (big old houses), pigeons, fountains, and Cezanne. See illustrations. All this on October 18.
Statue of the painter, Cezanne; not the last we'll
hear from him

Major city icon: the Fountain of the Three Graces: Gracie Allen,
Princess Grace, and Coup de Grace

Sort of like Joyce and Dublin: everywhere the painter stepped,
pissed, spat, or had an epiphany, gets a sidewalk medallion


"Oh Lord, we beseech thee, sendeth Thou a plague to punish
these vile, malevolent pigeons and all whomsover that desecrate
Thy statues and fountains and other objects, Amen"

The little plaque to the right says it all: "XVII Siecle"; all the
big houses are of that vintage

Among the many fountains in Aix, this one a thermal fountain

Another hotel, the headache guys

The Two Boys cafe, where Cezanne and Zola met after classes
in college; they were close personal buds until Zola caricatured
Cezanne in one of his novels (be careful befriending novelists);
Aix has pretty much disavowed Zola, which is a shame since
he is exponentially more important, in his art, and also in the life
of the nation

Like most of France, Aix takes very good care
of its history; note direct pigeon hit, a difficult
shot from above

And Aix also has some superb ghost signs (more to come)

Monochrome monotony, I thought

On the right it says "Le Peintre Paul Cezanne
est ne dans cette maison le 19 Janvier 1839"

Both Cezanne and Zola were heavy smokers

Sushi very big in Aix

Announces that the ghost sign for Cezanne's dad's hat shop is


Place Albers; XVII century, creamy yellow

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Tawana said...

I really wanted Caroline to spend her junior year in Aix. I think she chose Scotland just to spite me!